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Webcam Madaras Harghita Ski Slope


The Madaras — Madaras Harghita Ski Slope webcam is located in Harghita County, Romania.

The ski slope itself is situated in a beautiful and wild area, with six ski and snowboard runs available for visitors to enjoy. Partia Sugo, a red run with a medium difficulty level and a length of 750 meters, is one of the most popular runs in the area. The starting altitude of this run is 1610 meters, with a slope incline of 28%.

The webcam shows live images of the Madaras — Madaras Harghita ski slope, providing a real-time view of the current conditions on the runs.

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes from this webcam. This includes stunning panoramic views of the Harghita Mountains, which offer a glimpse of the natural beauty of the area.

Weather forecast for the region: Madaras Harghita Ski Slope

As for the weather, the region typically experiences cold winters with snow and relatively mild summers. The temperature at the time of writing this answer was 4.2°C [3]. However, visitors should keep in mind that weather conditions can change quickly and it is best to check weather reports before planning a trip to this ski resort.

Busteni map of ski trails

Madaras map of ski trails
Madaras map of ski trails

There are several other webcams located nearby. Including cameras at the Poiana Brasov ski resort in Romania. These webcams provide an additional view of the surrounding landscapes and ski slopes, allowing visitors to plan their trip accordingly.


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