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Webcam — Madarasi Hargita

Capalnita: Madarasi Hargita — Mădăraş

The Madaras webcam is located in Harghita County, Romania, specifically in the Harghita Madaras ski resort, which is one of the most spectacular ski and snowboard resorts in Transylvania.

The webcam shows several views of the ski slopes and the surrounding mountains, providing a glimpse of the stunning natural beauty of the area. It is positioned at an elevation of approximately 1,800 meters above sea level and captures real-time footage of the ski resort and surrounding mountains.

Weather forecast for the region: Madarasi Hargita

Regarding the weather in this area, it is important to note that Harghita Madaras is located in the Carpathian Mountains, which means that it experiences a typical alpine climate with cold temperatures and frequent snowfall during the winter months. The average temperature in this area during the winter is around -6°C, and snow is present from December to March. Summers are mild, with average temperatures around 12-14°C during the day, making it a popular destination for hiking and outdoor activities.

Busteni map of ski trails

Madaras map of ski trails
Madaras map of ski trails

The Madarasi Hargita website mentioned in search result has a webcam available on its site that provides real-time footage of the ski slopes and surrounding mountains, so it is likely that there are other webcams available in the area as well.


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