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Webcam Poiana-Brasov — Massif Festival (Bradul Canton)
Hotel Alpin Poiana Brasov Пояна Брашов: Hotel Alpin Poiana Brasov - Poiana Brașov - Pârtia Bradul - Telecabina Kanzel -...
Webcam Poiana-Brasov — Zapp Kanzel
Брашов: Poiana Braşov - Zapp Kanzel The Webcam Poiana-Brasov - Zapp Kanzel is located in Poiana-Brasov, Transylvania. The webcam provides...
Webcam Poiana-Brasov — AftarSki (Gondola)
Poiana-Brasov: Telegondola Postăvaru Expres Location Webcam Live de la AftarSki - Gondola Weather forecast for the region Live de la...
Webcam Poiana-Brasov — Julius Römer chalet (Cabana Postăvaru)
Julius Römer Hut. Cabana Postavarul Webcam Location: Weather forecast for the region Cabana Postavarul. Poiana-Brasov Poyana-Brasov map of ski trails...
Webcam Poiana-Brasov — JAGER SHALE panoramic view Online
Panoramic view from the webcam, which is located on the building of the hotel JAGER SHALE. The top station of...
Webcam Poiana-Brasov — Teleferic Grand Hotel Online
View of the lower station of the Poiana-Brasov ski resort in Romania The Poiana-Brasov - Teleferic Grand Hotel webcam is...
Webcam Poiana-Brasov — Partia Bradul Live Online
Poyana Brasov has 12 slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, and the snow cover lasts 4-5 months a year. If you...


An overview of the Poiana-Brasov ski resort. Weather forecast for the Poiana-Brasov region, as well as a map of ski trails

Poiana Brasov is a modern and well-known ski resort in Romania, located in the heart of Transylvania in the Carpathian Mountains. It boasts the largest skiing area in the country, with over 24 km of slopes for all levels and a variety of runs for both advanced and beginner skiers.

Webcam Teleferic Grand Hotel — Poiana-Brasov

Webcam ANATELEFERIC — panoramic view of the JAGER SHALE

Webcam Julius Römer Hut. Cabana Postavarul — Poiana-Brasov

The ski season typically runs from December to March, with plenty of snowfall to ensure good skiing conditions throughout this period. Prices for skiing and equipment rentals at Poiana Brasov are known to be relatively low compared to other European ski resorts

Poyana-Brasov map of ski trails

Poyana-Brasov map of mountain trails

Poyana-Brasov map of mountain trails

Sightseeing near Poiana Brasov

In addition to skiing, the area around Poiana Brasov offers many other attractions, such as Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s Castle), which is located about 25 km away and is a popular tourist destination. The city of Brasov, with its well-preserved medieval architecture and charming old town, is also nearby and worth a visit.

Overall, Poiana Brasov is a great choice for skiers looking for a high-quality, yet affordable skiing experience, with plenty of nearby attractions to explore.

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Tomorrow they promise good weather here. Who’s going to Poyana?

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