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The Majestic Sinaia Casino: A Jewel of Romania

Set in the heart of Romania, ensconced in the breathtaking beauty of the «Dimitrie Ghica» park, stands the Sinaia Casino, a stunning example of early 20th-century architecture that has since been transformed into a magnificent congress center.

Established at the behest of King Carol I of Romania, the construction of the Sinaia Casino started in 1912 and saw completion within a year, thanks to the diligent oversight of the renowned architect, Petre Antonescu. A striking resemblance to the renowned Casino of Monte Carlo, the Sinaia Casino was once a bustling hub of high-stakes entertainment, attracting affluent visitors from across Europe.

From Gambling House to Grand Hall

Following the prohibition of gambling after the Second World War, the Sinaia Casino was closed. However, far from falling into disrepair, it underwent a transformative journey that saw it emerge as a congress center of extraordinary grandeur.

Today, the Sinaia Casino is a testament to opulence, replete with luxurious halls and an exquisite art gallery. Each corner of this spectacular edifice whispers tales of its former glory, while its present incarnation as a congress center is a testament to its adaptability and endurance.

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Architectural Allure

The work of Antonescu is evident in the meticulous details that adorn every inch of the Sinaia Casino. From the stately façade that greets visitors to the opulent interiors that house the congress center and art gallery, it’s clear that this structure was designed with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Cultural Hub

The Sinaia Casino, while no longer a haven for gamblers, continues to draw visitors with its unique blend of history, art, and culture. Whether you’re attending a conference in one of its grand halls or perusing the carefully curated pieces in its art gallery, a visit to the Sinaia Casino is an immersive journey through time.

The Sinaia Casino serves as a reminder of a bygone era while also providing a modern space for various cultural and academic events. It stands as a significant monument in Romania’s history and a testament to the enduring legacy of King Carol I.

At Sinaia Casino, history and culture converge, creating a timeless experience that will captivate any visitor. With its opulent design and illustrious past, the Sinaia Casino is not just a visit but a grand journey through the rich tapestry of Romania’s history.

The Sinaia Casino: A Host to Unforgettable Events

In addition to being a striking architectural monument and cultural hub, the Sinaia Casino has morphed into a dynamic venue that hosts a wide variety of events.

Weddings and Banquets

The Sinaia Casino is a popular choice for couples seeking an unforgettable venue for their nuptials. The exquisite, grand halls are a perfect backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding and the catering services provide a range of menus, ensuring a gourmet dining experience for all attendees.

The casino’s banquet services are not limited to weddings. It serves as a sophisticated venue for various occasions, including New Year’s Eve galas that promise a magical entrance into the new year.

Conferences and More

The International Conference Centre «Casino» Sinaia presents a luxurious setting for conferences, business meetings, and other professional gatherings. Whether it’s an international organization, a state agency, or a private entity seeking to host an event, the Centre offers a range of services, including room rentals and catering services. The latter encompasses coffee breaks, buffet menus, and a comprehensive menu of traditional or international dishes accompanied by a selection of beverages.

Mirror room

With a generous area of 650 square meters, the Hall of Mirrors is an ideal setting for both corporate and private events.

This grand hall can accommodate up to 600 people in a theatre-style arrangement, making it a spectacular venue for conferences, presentations, or large-scale meetings. It can also host 350 people for festive corporate events or private affairs where attendees dine at tables.

The hall’s gallery can be furnished with elegant armchairs and tables, providing a perfect spot for guests or participants to retreat, mingle, and network.

This unique blend of architectural elegance and functional design truly sets the Hall of Mirrors at the Sinaia Casino apart as a premier event location.

Supplementing these core offerings are additional services such as wireless internet, a press center, magnetic marker board, and more. The Centre also boasts historic artifacts like a piano that was played by George Enescu himself on the opening day of the building.

The Casino Hotel Sinaia

The Sinaia Casino complex also includes a hotel, providing a convenient and luxurious stay for those visiting the casino for various events or just exploring the city.


The Sinaia Casino offers a variety of ticket options for visiting the artistic gallery and other sections of the building:

Visit OptionPrice
Art Gallery (2nd Floor)10 Lei/adult, 5 Lei/student, pensioner, disabled, child under 15, groups of 20+
Full visit: Casino main floor and 2nd floor20 Lei/adult, 15 Lei/student, pensioner, disabled, child under 15, groups of 20+
Group Ticket (10-20 people)17 Lei/person
Family Card 1 (2 adults + 1 child aged 6-15)40 Lei
Family Card 2 (2 adults + 2 children aged 6-15)50 Lei
Joint Visit of Sinaia Casino (Main and 2nd floor) and Sinaia City Museum «Stirbey Castle»30 Lei/adult, 25 Lei/student, pensioner, disabled, child under 15
General ticket Sinaia Casino (2nd Floor) & Sinaia City Museum «Stirbey Castle»25 Lei/adult, 20 Lei/student, pensioner, disabled, child under 15

Children under the age of 6 enjoy free entry.

Please note, all prices and information were correct at the time of writing and may have since changed. Always check for the most recent updates before planning your visit.


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