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Webcam Madaras — Madarasi Gyopár Panzió


The Madaras webcam is located at the Madarasi Gyopár Panzió guesthouse, in the Madaras Mountain range in Romania. The guesthouse is situated at an altitude of 1500 meters, providing spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The webcam shows a live view of the mountain landscape from the guesthouse’s terrace, which includes the picturesque Madarasi Lake.

As for the weather in this location, Madaras is known for its harsh winter conditions with abundant snowfall and strong winds. The temperature during the winter months can drop well below freezing, while the summer months offer milder temperatures with occasional rain showers.

Weather forecast for the region: Madarasi Gyopár Panzió

It is recommended to check the weather forecast before planning a visit to this area.

Busteni map of ski trails

Madaras map of ski trails
Madaras map of ski trails

There are several other webcams located in the Madaras Mountain range, including the Madarasi Hargita webcam and the Madarasi Live view webcam, both of which are located nearby and offer additional views of the mountain landscape.

Overall, the Madaras webcam is a great way to experience the beauty of the Madaras Mountains from the comfort of your own home, and to get a glimpse of the weather conditions in the area before planning a visit.


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