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Webcam Sinaia — Cota 2000

Sinaia: Telecabina Cota 2000

Sinaia Live — online video from the summit of Cota 2000 on Sinaia. Webcam overlooking the slope of Lăptici 1

There are two chairlifts: the two-seat Valea Dorului chairlift and the new four-seat Soarelui chairlift.

Weather forecast for the region: Valea Soarelui

The main advantage of the alpine area that gives us the ski trump card is the altitude.

The temperature is consistently negative, the ground freezes faster, and the snow cover stays much better until late spring.

Sinaia map of ski trails

Two lifts serve seven beginner and intermediate level ski slopes. These are uncomplicated slopes, but there are some steep sections, so they are not recommended for your first ski lessons, which should ideally be on flat terrain.

Sinaia map of ski trails
Sinaia map of ski trails

Enjoy unique views of Sinaia Ski Resort with our online cameras and learn more about the mysterious place with our Sinaia webcams!


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