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Overview of the ski resort Sinaia: chairlift and gondola elevator opening hours, current prices of ski passes. Precise weather forecast for the region, as well as a new map of ski trails

Sinaia is a popular ski resort located in Prahova County, Romania. The resort offers 19 km of slopes and terrain, and is among the three largest ski resorts in Romania. Sinaia is also among the three best-rated ski resorts in Romania, and has an elevation between 880 m and 2,020 m, making it the highest elevated ski resort in the country.

Sinaia map of ski trails

One of the special features of Sinaia is its picturesque surroundings, as it is situated in the famous Prakova Valley in the Southern Carpathians. The resort offers 40 km of excellent slopes of varying levels of difficulty, making it one of the best ski resorts in the Carpathians.

Sinaia map of ski trails

Sinaia map of ski trails

The ski season in Sinaia typically runs from December to April, but the exact duration can vary depending on weather conditions. The climate in Sinaia is continental, with cold winters and mild summers, and plenty of snow in the winter months. The average temperature in December, the beginning of the ski season, is around -2°C.

As for prices, the cost of a ski pass for a day in Sinaia is approximately 35-40 RON (around 6-7 USD), and the cost of a ski equipment rental is approximately 70-80 RON (around 13-15 USD). The cost of accommodation can vary depending on the type and level of comfort, with a budget option starting at around 150 RON (around 28 USD) per night, and a luxury option costing around 600 RON (around 113 USD) per night.

Nearby attractions to Sinaia include the beautiful Peleș Castle, which is a stunning example of Neo-Renaissance architecture and is just a short drive from the resort. The town of Sinaia itself is also worth a visit, as it boasts many historical landmarks, such as the Sinaia Monastery and the Casino, both of which are iconic symbols of the town

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Sinaia Ski Resort — Current prices for ski passes: (valid in the winter season 2022-2023)
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1 год назад

We had a great ride here yesterday! The weather in Sinaia was great, lots of sunshine and beauty!

1 год назад

When does Sinaia Ski Resort close? When is the end of the season?