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Webcam Poiana-Brasov — Teleferic Grand Hotel Online

View of the lower station of the Poiana-Brasov ski resort in Romania

The Poiana-Brasov — Teleferic Grand Hotel webcam is located in Poiana-Brasov, a popular ski resort in Romania.

The webcam is situated at the top of the Teleferic Grand Hotel and offers a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and ski slopes.

The camera is positioned to capture the breathtaking panorama of the Bucegi Mountains and the Piatra Craiului National Park. It provides an excellent view of the ski area and tracks, which skiers can use to monitor conditions and plan their routes accordingly.

Location Teleferic Grand Hotel Poyana Brasov Webcam

Weather forecast for the region Cabana Postavarul. Poiana-Brasov

The weather in Poiana-Brasov is typical of a mountainous region. In the winter, temperatures can drop to below freezing, and the resort experiences heavy snowfall, which is perfect for skiing and other winter sports.

The ski season typically starts in December and runs until late March or early April. During the summer months, the temperature is much milder, and the region offers hiking trails, cycling routes, and other outdoor activities.

Poyana-Brasov map of ski trails

Poyana-Brasov map of mountain trails
Poyana-Brasov map of mountain trails

There are several other webcams located in Poiana-Brasov. The Poiana-Brasov Ski Resort website offers live views of the resort, including a view of the Bradul ski slope and the Bradul chairlift.

Another webcam is situated at the top of the Postavarul Massif, offering a panoramic view of the resort and the surrounding Carpathian Mountains. Visitors to Poiana-Brasov can use these webcams to check the weather and snow conditions before hitting the slopes.

Overall, the Poiana-Brasov — Teleferic Grand Hotel webcam offers a stunning view of the mountainous landscape and is an excellent tool for skiers and other visitors to the region.


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