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Car Rental in Rafailovići

What documents will I need to rent a car in Rafailovići?

You need a valid driver’s license from your home country, passport, and a deposit to rent a car in Montenegro.

Some rental companies may require an international driver’s license. Additionally, the minimum age to rent a car in Montenegro is 21, and drivers must have at least two years of driving experience.

What is the average price of a car rental in Rafailovići and is there a large selection of cars there?

Car rentals in Radovici start at $8.99 per day.

The expected cost to rent a vehicle varies depending on factors like location, car type, and rental company, but the average cost in mid-October was around $41 per day.

Car hire prices in Montenegro
Car hire prices in Montenegro

There are various car rental suppliers in Radovici, such as Movida, Rhodium, and Afinity, offering competitive pricing for car rentals.

There seems to be a wide range of cars available for rent in Radovici, including compact cars, minivans, SUVs, and luxury cars

What is the situation with parking in Radovici?

There are both paid and free parking options in Radovici.

Paid parking can be found in the Porto Montenegro building and near the seafront, with prices ranging from 0.5€ to 2€ per hour depending on the location.

In addition to paid parking, there are also some hotels and apartments in Radovici that offer free parking for their guests.


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