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Webcam Busteni — Telekabina


The Busteni — Telecabina Babele webcam is located in Busteni, Romania, and provides live images from the lower station of the Busteni-Babele cable car.

The camera is positioned to show the platform and the surrounding area of the station. The webcam provides a panoramic view of the mountains, including the Bucegi Mountains, and the beautiful scenery of the area.

Weather forecast for the region: Busteni — Telekabina

In terms of weather, the climate in Busteni is generally cool and temperate, with a humid subtropical climate.

The summer months are usually mild, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 24 degrees Celsius. During the winter months, the temperature can drop to -4 degrees Celsius, and there is often heavy snowfall in the area. However, the weather can be highly variable, with sudden changes and occasional storms.

Busteni map of ski trails

Busteni map of ski trails
Busteni map of ski trails

Other webcams in the area include the webcam in the city of Busteni, which provides live images of the city and the surrounding mountains, and the MountLift website provides a panoramic view of the area surrounding the cable car, including the mountains and ski slopes.


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