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Webcam Brasov — Michael Weiss Street

The Webcam Brasov — Michael Weiss Street, also known as Strada Michael Weiss, is installed in the fascinating old town of Brașov, Romania.

The webcam stream is provided by the Pilvax Restaurant & Wine Bar, and it shows a live view of the delightful pedestrian street lined with a variety of restaurants, cafes, small shops, and a few hotels.

The webcam is positioned at an angle that provides a great view of the charming architecture of the buildings on the street.

Weather forecast for the region

As for the weather in Brașov, it is typically continental, with cold winters and mild summers. The average temperature in February, the month of this writing, is around -4°C (25°F), with occasional snowfall.

There are several other webcams in Brasov that offer different views of the city. For example, the SkylineWebcams website provides a live stream of Council Square, another popular spot in the city, as well as a view of the Brasov Black Church.

Additionally, there are webcams offering views of Tampa Mountain, which overlooks the city, and the nearby Poiana Brașov ski resort.


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