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Webcam Baile Homorod — Lobogo Resort

Baile Homorod › Восток: Complex Lobogo

The Baile Homorod — Lobogo Resort webcam is located at the Lobogó Guesthouse, Restaurant and Leisure Centre, situated at the Harghita mountain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information on the specific altitude of the webcam, but the resort is situated in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The webcam shows the outdoor swimming pool of the resort, which is open during the summer season. The view from the webcam allows you to see the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and nature.

Weather forecast for the region: Baile Homorod — Lobogo Resort

Regarding the weather, Baile Homorod is located in the central part of Romania, and the climate is temperate continental. The winters are usually cold, with a lot of snow, making it perfect for winter sports enthusiasts. However, during the summer, the temperatures can get quite warm, and the outdoor swimming pool can be an excellent way to cool off.

Busteni map of ski trails

Baile Homorod map of ski trails
Baile Homorod map of ski trails


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