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Strada Sforii in Brasov: the story of one of the narrowest streets in the world

Strada Sforii, or Rope Street, is one of the narrowest streets in Europe and a unique tourist attraction in Brașov, Romania. Its name derived from its initial purpose — the street was originally used by firefighters to quickly navigate through the city.

It’s situated in the old part of the city, the Schei neighborhood, and it’s known for its narrowness, being just over a meter wide in some parts.

The legend says that during the medieval period, couples used to hide here to kiss in intimacy, but also young lovers whose parents did not agree with their relationship.

The legend that has lasted for years also says that young lovers who kiss on Rope Street will stay together forever.

The street stretches between Cerbului Street and Schei Gate Street. If you’re in the city center, it’s about a 10-minute walk. Head towards the Black Church (Biserica Neagra) and continue walking to the Schei neighborhood.

You can ask locals for directions as well, as it’s a well-known spot.

Though not as grand as other attractions, it’s a charming place to visit for its uniqueness, and it makes for some interesting photos!


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