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Car Rental in Sarandë

Car Hire in Sarandë — Find Cheap Car Rental Options in Albania

Sarandë is a beautiful coastal city located in the southern part of Albania. It is famous for its crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and ancient landmarks. One of the best ways to explore this city and its surroundings is by renting a car. Car hire in Sarandë is an affordable and convenient way to travel around the city and experience its hidden gems.

Whether you want to explore the rugged mountains and beautiful countryside or relax on the pristine beaches, car rental is an excellent option. In this article, we’ll explore the best car rental companies in Sarandë, rules and regulations for driving in the city, tips for finding great deals on car rentals, and the best day trips to take by car.

Luxury Car Rentals in Sarandë: Is it Worth the Splurge?

If you’re looking for a luxurious way to explore Sarandë, renting a luxury car might be worth the splurge. You can choose from a variety of luxury cars such as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. However, keep in mind that luxury car rentals can be quite expensive, especially during peak season.

Some of the benefits of renting a luxury car include:

  • A comfortable and stylish ride
  • Access to high-end features such as GPS navigation, leather seats, and surround sound
  • A chance to make a statement and impress others.

The Best Day Trips from Sarandë by Car: TOP 3

There are many great day trips you can take from Sarandë by car. Here are the top three:

  1. Butrint National Park: Butrint National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important archaeological sites in Albania. It is located just 18 km south of Sarandë and is easily accessible by car.
  2. Blue Eye: The Blue Eye is a unique natural attraction located about 22 km north of Sarandë. It is a crystal clear spring that forms a deep blue pool. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking and picnicking.
  3. Gjirokastra: Gjirokastra is a historic city located about 60 km north of Sarandë. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to a beautiful Ottoman-era castle, a traditional bazaar, and charming narrow streets.

Driving in Sarandë: Rules and Regulations

If you’re planning to drive in Sarandë, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the local rules and regulations. Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • You must be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Albania.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license from your home country.
  • You must have third-party liability insurance, which is usually included in the rental price.
  • Albania drives on the right-hand side of the road.
  • The speed limit in towns and cities is 50 km/h, while on highways, it’s 90 km/h.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Car Rentals in Sarandë

Here are a few tips to help you find the best deals on car rentals in Sarandë:

  • Book your rental car in advance to get the best price.
  • Compare prices from different car rental companies to find the best deal.
  • Look for online discounts and promo codes.
  • Consider renting a car for a longer period as this can sometimes result in lower daily rates.

Exploring Sarandë’s Hidden Gems by Car

Sarandë has a lot of hidden gems that are best explored by car. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Sarandë Castle: The Sarandë Castle is a medieval fortress located on a hill overlooking the city. It offers breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding mountains.
  • Mirror Beach: Mirror Beach is a secluded beach located about 15 km south of Sarandë. It is popular among locals but is relatively unknown to tourists.
  • The Blue Lagoon: The Blue Lagoon is a stunning natural pool located near the village of Lukove, about 35 km south of Sarandë. It is surrounded by white cliffs and turquoise waters.

Top 3 Car Rental Companies in Sarandë

Here are the top three car rental companies in Sarandë:

  1. Europcar: Europcar is a well-known car rental company that offers a wide range of vehicles at competitive rates.
  2. Hertz: Hertz is another popular car rental company that offers affordable rates and a large selection of vehicles.
  3. Avis: Avis is a well-established car rental company that offers a variety of vehicles and excellent customer service.

Car Hire in Sarandë — The Perfect Way to Explore Albania

There’s no better way to explore the beautiful coastal city of Sarandë and its surrounding areas than by car. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious ride or an affordable option, there are plenty of car rental companies to choose from. With this guide, you’ll be able to find the best deals and explore Sarandë’s hidden gems with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Rent a car and start exploring Albania today!


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