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Car Rental in Peristerona — Cyprus

Discover the convenience of car rental in Peristerona, Cyprus

Peristerona is a small traditional village located in the northwest of Cyprus. It is a peaceful and beautiful place where you can relax and escape the crowds. However, to fully explore the region, it’s best to rent a car. Car rental in Peristerona is convenient, affordable, and hassle-free. You can easily pick up and drop off your rental car at the airport or in the village itself. In this article, we will show you how car rental in Peristerona can help you explore the hidden gems of Cyprus.

Explore the hidden gems of Cyprus with car rental in Peristerona

Cyprus is a beautiful island with a rich history and culture. There are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. With a car rental in Peristerona, you can easily explore the region at your own pace. Here are some places you should not miss:

  • Adonis Baths: Located about 20 km from Peristerona, Adonis Baths is a beautiful waterfall and nature reserve. According to legend, Adonis, the Greek God of beauty and desire, used to bathe here with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The site is perfect for swimming, picnicking, and hiking.
  • Akamas Peninsula: Akamas is a wild and unspoiled area located on the western tip of Cyprus. It is home to many rare and endemic species, such as the Cyprus grass snake and the loggerhead turtle. You can explore the area on foot, by bike, or by car.
  • Troodos Mountains: The Troodos Mountains are the highest mountain range in Cyprus, with peaks reaching up to 1952 meters. The area is famous for its beautiful forests, monasteries, and traditional villages. You can also visit Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Cyprus.

With a car rental in Peristerona, you can easily explore these hidden gems and many other places around Cyprus. You can stop wherever you want, take as much time as you need, and create your own itinerary.

Car rental in Peristerona is the perfect way to explore the hidden gems of Cyprus. It’s convenient, affordable, and hassle-free. You can discover beautiful waterfalls, unspoiled nature reserves, and traditional villages at your own pace. So, why not rent a car in Peristerona and embark on a journey of discovery? You won’t regret it!


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