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Car Rental in Krasici

Car rentals in Montenegro are an excellent way to explore the country at your own pace. Here is some information to help you plan your car rental in Montenegro:

To rent a car in Montenegro, you will need to provide the following documents

  • A valid driver’s license issued by your home country
  • A passport or national identity card
  • A credit card in the driver’s name
  • Additional identification documents, as required by the rental company.
  • The minimum age of the driver should be 21, with a minimum driving experience of at least two years. You can pay a deposit with cash or a card.

The average price of renting a car in Krasici

The day rate for hiring a car in Krasici, Montenegro for a week in high season is around 37 EUR per day, while off-season it is only 20 EUR per day or even less if you hire for one week or longer.

If you need a car just for 1 day, you will pay around 55 EUR per day in summer.

Car hire prices in Montenegro
Car hire prices in Montenegro

Cities to book a car and return a car in Krasici

Krasici is a small town located on the Lustica Peninsula in Montenegro, and it may not be the best place to rent a car.

However, there are several cities in Montenegro where it is best to book a car, and returning a car in Krasici will depend on the rental company’s policies.

Here are some cities in Montenegro where it is best to book a car:

  1. Podgorica — the capital city of Montenegro is an excellent place to start your road trip, as it offers easy access to several major highways.
  2. Tivat — this coastal town is a popular destination for tourists and a great starting point for exploring the Bay of Kotor.
  3. Kotor — this medieval town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a great place to explore by car.

What to look out for when booking a car rental?

  • When booking a car rental in Montenegro, it is essential to pay attention to the following:
    Insurance — ensure that the rental car has comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Fuel policy — understand the fuel policy of the rental company to avoid any surprises when returning the car.
  • Additional fees — check for any additional fees, such as airport surcharges, that may apply to your rental.
  • Rental agreement — review the rental agreement carefully before signing to understand the terms and conditions fully.
  • In conclusion, renting a car in Montenegro requires a valid driver’s license, passport, and credit card, among other documents. The average price of renting a car in Krasici is not available from the provided search results.

It is best to book a car in major cities like Podgorica, Tivat, or Kotor, and the return policy will depend on the rental company’s policies.


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