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Car Rental in Kiotari — Greece

Kiotari by car

Kiotari, a seaside village located in Rhodes, is an ideal location to explore by car. As the village itself is relatively small, having a car at your disposal allows you to explore beyond the boundaries of Kiotari and delve into the beautiful region of Rhodes with comfort and flexibility.

Gravel beach at Kiotari on Rhodes island, Greece with stones in different colours and turquoise clear water

Exploring Kiotari by Car: TOP 7 Must-Visit Destinations

  1. Kiotari Beach: Known for its pebbles and clear blue waters, the beach is a paradise for sun-seekers.
  2. Asklipio: A charming village, just a short drive from Kiotari, known for its traditional houses and Byzantine castle.
  3. Monolithos Castle: An impressive fortress that offers stunning views of the sea and surrounding areas.
  4. Prasonisi: Known as a paradise for windsurfers, it’s where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet.
  5. Lindos: A beautiful village with whitewashed houses and a famous acropolis on a hill.
  6. Valley of Butterflies: An area of natural beauty, perfect for a day trip, especially in summer when the trees are full of butterflies.
  7. Rhodes Old Town: A UNESCO World Heritage site, just an hour’s drive from Kiotari.

Popular routes include the southern circuit of Rhodes, which allows visitors to see a good portion of the island, including Lindos, Prasonisi, and Monolithos.

Parking in Kiotari

Parking in Kiotari is generally free and ample, especially during the off-peak season. During the high season, parking near popular destinations might be more challenging but is usually possible within a short walking distance.

Average price of a rental car in Kiotari по месяцам

The average price for a rental car in Kiotari varies throughout the year. In the off-peak months of November to April, you can expect to pay around €15 per day for a basic car. During the peak season from May to October, the prices rise to around €25-35 per day due to high demand.

FAQs about renting a car in Kiotari

Are there any restrictions on where I can drive the rental car in Kiotari?

There are no specific restrictions, but some car rental companies may have policies about taking vehicles on certain types of roads, such as unpaved or poorly maintained ones.

What type of car is recommended for driving in Kiotari?

Compact cars are perfect for navigating narrow village streets, but an SUV might be more comfortable for those planning to explore more rugged areas around Rhodes.

What’s the speed limit in Kiotari?

In Kiotari and other built-up areas, the speed limit is typically 50 km/h, while on open roads, it’s 90 km/h, and on expressways, it’s 130 km/h.

Navigating Kiotari Roads: A Guide for Drivers

Greek roads are well-maintained and well-signposted. While the roads in and around Kiotari are generally good, some rural roads can be narrow and winding. It is always advisable to drive with caution, especially on unfamiliar routes.

Weather and pavement conditions in Kiotari

Kiotari, like the rest of Rhodes, has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The best months to visit are from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. The roads in and around Kiotari are generally in good condition. However, like any other place, weather conditions can affect the state of the roads. Always take care during heavy rainfall and strong winds, which can occasionally occur in the winter months.

The pleasant climate and interesting sights in and around Kiotari make it a great destination to explore by car. Happy driving!


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