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Car Rental in Kassándra — Greece

Kassándra by car

Known for its vibrant nightlife and pristine beaches, Kassándra is the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki, Greece. Renting a car in Kassándra allows you to explore this beautiful region at your own pace, moving from lively beach resorts to peaceful, traditional villages, revealing a side of Kassándra that many visitors never get to see.

Exploring Kassándra by Car: TOP 7 Must-Visit Destinations

  1. Kallithea: Known for its dynamic nightlife and stunning beach, Kallithea is a hub for tourists seeking sun and fun.
  2. Sani Beach: A luxurious resort area with a marina, fine dining restaurants, and a beautiful sandy beach.
  3. Afitos: This traditional village offers a stunning view of Toroneos Gulf and is home to stone houses and charming narrow streets.
  4. Nea Fokea: Visit the Byzantine tower and the underground sanctuary of Apostle Paul.
  5. Possidi Cape: Here, you’ll find the picturesque Possidi lighthouse and a lovely beach.
  6. Kassándra’s Vineyards: Explore the local wineries and enjoy a wine tasting tour.
  7. Nea Potidea Canal: This historic canal is a wonderful place for a stroll or a boat ride.

A popular driving route is the Kassándra Circuit, a road that encircles the peninsula, offering beautiful coastal views and access to many of the area’s main attractions.

Parking in Kassándra

In Kassándra, parking is readily available in most towns, resorts, and beach areas. Most hotels offer parking for guests, and public parking is also widely available.

Average price of a rental car in Kassándra

The average price of a car rental in Kassándra is around €30 to €50 per day, varying according to the type of vehicle and the time of year. Off-season rates can be significantly lower.

FAQs about renting a car in Kassándra

Are there any restrictions on where I can drive the rental car in Kassándra?

While most of Kassándra’s roads are easily navigable with a standard car, off-road or rough terrain driving may be restricted. It’s important to verify these details with your rental agency.

What type of car is recommended for driving in Kassándra?

A compact car is perfect for navigating the towns and resorts of Kassándra, while a vehicle with more clearance, such as an SUV, could be advantageous for exploring off-the-beaten-path areas.

What’s the speed limit in Kassándra?

The speed limit in urban areas in Greece is usually 50 km/h, while outside urban areas it increases to 90 km/h. Always pay attention to local signage for exact limits.

Navigating Kassándra Roads: A Guide for Drivers

Driving in Kassándra can be a pleasurable experience, with well-maintained roads and scenic routes. Just be aware that in peak season, roads can become busy, especially in resort areas.

Weather and pavement conditions in Kassándra

Kassándra has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Roads in Kassándra are generally well maintained, but rain can make surfaces slick, so extra caution is advised in wet weather. Always check the local weather forecast and plan your trips accordingly.


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