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Webcam Azuga — Gondola Lift
The Azuga Gondola Lift is an important transport system that helps visitors access the slopes of Sorica and Cazacu mountains....
Webcam Azuga — Sorica
The Azuga - Sorica webcam is a live streaming camera located on the Sorica ski slope in Azuga, Romania. The...
Webcam Azuga — Rental Centre
Azuga Azuga is a well-known ski resort located in the Prahova Valley of Romania, and it offers a variety of...
Webcam Azuga — Telegondola Sosire
Азуга Горнолыжный курорт Азуга расположен в долине Прахова, в Карпатах Румынии. На курорте есть несколько горнолыжных трасс разного уровня сложности,...
Webcam Azuga — Partia Sorica
Azuga There are several other webcams located throughout the resort. These include the Sorica Webcam, which provides a view of...


Azuga Ski Resort is located on the upper valley of Prahova, in Romania, at an altitude of 935 meters.

The resort offers a unique blend of leisure and winter sports, as well as trekking and mountain biking opportunities, making it an excellent destination for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the most remarkable features of Azuga Ski Resort is the Sorica and Cazacu ski slopes. These slopes were built in the early 1990s, and they now offer seven kilometers of ski domain to visitors. Both ski slopes are equipped with advanced technology that guarantees a high level of safety and comfort for skiers of all levels.

Azuga map of ski trails

Azuga map of ski trails

Azuga map of ski trails

In terms of climate, Azuga Ski Resort experiences a continental climate with cold and snowy winters and moderate summers. The best time to visit the resort is between December and April, which is the ski season.

The prices for ski passes, ski equipment rental, and accommodation at Azuga Ski Resort vary depending on the season, type of accommodation, and length of stay. However, the resort offers a wide range of options that cater to different budgets and preferences.

As for the sights nearby, Azuga Ski Resort is located in a beautiful natural setting, and there are many attractions to explore in the surrounding area. For example, the Peles Castle in Sinaia, which is one of Romania’s most famous castles, is just a short drive away.

Another popular destination is Brasov, a charming medieval town that boasts many historical and cultural landmarks. There are also many hiking trails and scenic spots to explore in the nearby Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului National Park.

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Has anyone been to Azuga this week, is there a lot of snow? Can we go for a ride?